Anderson City Manager Linda Pruitt McConnell announced her retirement after 41 years

For Immediate Release:

January 28, 2019

Anderson City Manager Linda Pruitt McConnell announced her retirement after 41 years at the City and more than three years at its helm. After advising council members and City employees in informal conversations over the past few days, she officially notified the City Council at tonight’s regularly scheduled meeting of her intention to retire.

 “Serving the City has been a great honor for me,” McConnell said. “It’s time for a new chapter in my life as I look toward retirement with the mixed emotions one might expect. I will miss my colleagues and the day-to-day interaction with citizens. Even so, I’m confident that the City has skilled, talented leadership in place and is well-positioned to move into its own new chapter at this time.”

McConnell, a native and lifelong resident of Anderson, graduated from the University of South Carolina and began her career at the City in 1977. She has served the city in key roles including Grantsman, City Planner, Planning and Development Director, Municipal Development Director and Assistant City Manager. She was promoted to her current role of City Manager in 2015.

McConnell has been instrumental in the development and implementation of many significant projects including the Recreation Center Facility on Murray Avenue, the Whitner Street Garage, the Municipal Business Center, Carolina Wren Park, upgrades to the City’s parks and greenspaces, downtown streetscapes, numerous neighborhood and housing initiatives and the creation of the City’s Economic Development division. She has also overseen the modernization of all City divisions through the application of technology and operational structures to build an effective and efficient workforce to serve the citizens of Anderson.

“Linda’s contributions to the City are vast,” Mayor Terence Roberts said. “In her four decades of service, there is hardly a project, large or small, that has not benefited from her visionary leadership and steady hand. We truly have her to thank that Anderson is thriving and well-positioned for the future.”

During her tenure, McConnell forged strong private sector relationships to leverage the contributions of stakeholder groups such as TBA, Anderson Heritage, the Anderson Arts Center, The Dream Team and many private developers to create an environment where the City’s success is shared and spurred on across a diverse spectrum of constituents.

“I have worked with three mayors, three city managers and many council members who have added to the richness of my career experience. Public service is a calling and I cherish the opportunities I had to make a difference in my hometown,” McConnell said. “I know that Anderson is in capable hands and will flourish as we usher in new waves of success. To be sure, you can consider me a lifelong, steadfast City advocate and ambassador.”

Details of McConnell’s departure date will be finalized and announced in the coming weeks. David McCuen, who has held the position of Assistant City Manager for the City of Anderson since 2015, is expected to be promoted to fill the position.

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