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The City of Anderson and the Foothills Community Foundation, through the Cemetery Endowment Fund, are working together to preserve and enhance the four cemeteries operated by the City: Silver Brook, New Silver Brook, Westview, Orr Mill. These places of remembrance serve to revere those laid to rest there and to honor our history.

What is the Cemetery Endowment Fund?
Established in 2009, the City of Anderson Cemetery Endowment is a component fund of the Foothills Community Foundation, a 501(c) 3 public charity founded in 1999. The fund is administered by the Foundation’s board of directors and audited annually by an independent accounting firm. The Fund’s mission is to support preservation and to protect the history, art and natural resources of Anderson’s four municipal cemeteries. It is our intention to maintain these unique memorial grounds as a tribute to our past and to ensure they will continue to welcome visitors for generations to come.

The Fund accomplishes its mission by:

  • Preserving Historic Memorial Artwork and Monuments
  • Caring for Plants and Trees
  • Protecting Natural Resources
  • Offering Educational Opportunities

Contribute to the City Cemetery Endowment
There are many reasons to support the City Cemetery Endowment. Perhaps you have a loved one resting in eternal peace at one of the venues or have plans to reside there yourself one day. Perhaps you enjoy the beauty and tranquility or appreciate the wealth of art and history on the grounds. You may make a gift designated to the cemetery of your choice, a special project, or simply to the general fund. Whatever the reason, your gift to the City Cemetery Endowment directly contributes to the protection and preservation of our cemeteries in perpetuity.

Gifts are fully deductible for income tax purposes and may include cash and publicly-traded securities. All contributions are made to Foothills Community Foundation, a nonprofit corporation registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State and Internal Revenue Service.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact The Foothills Community Foundation at 864-222-9096.

New Silver Brook Cemetery
In 1951, the City started New Silver Brook Cemetery on Shockley Ferry Road with 10,500 continuous care grave sites and approximately 2600 remain available for purchase. A beautiful brick bell tower rises at the center of the property and a special place called “Babyland” is reserved for infants.

Silver Brook Cemetery
Established in the 1870’s, the historic Silver Brook Cemetery in Anderson, SC is the final resting place for more than 15,000 people. Situated just off of White Street on 40 acres, it is a sanctuary for those interred there and features unique memorial artwork, statuary, wildlife, and grounds. Because of the age of the site, most of the graves have no provision for perpetual care. Though there are no lots left available for direct sale, there are many opportunities for loved ones or other interested parties to contribute to its beautification and preservation.

Westview Cemetery
New plots are available in Westview Cemetery. Began in the early 1900’s as a municipal cemetery for African Americans, Westview is located on Sayre Street. African Americans who figure prominently in Anderson’s history are laid to rest there including W. I. Peek and Fred Jackson, who were mortuary business pioneers. Currently, there are approximately 9,000 gravesites on more than 22 acres. There are now approximately 2500 new burial plots available.

Orr Mill Cemetery
Deeded to the City in 1992, these humble grounds were the final resting place for some Orr Mill employees in the 1800’s. Located on Sayre Street, next to the Kroger Bakery, there are numerous graves, marked and unmarked, many of which are infants. The need for funding to improve this location is especially great.

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