Electric City Water Department Conducts Hydrant Flushings.

Routine Hydrant Flushing

We wanted to inform everyone that we will be conducting routine maintenance by flushing out hydrants in your area over the next few weeks.  At each stop, a staff member will open a hydrant and flush the line which is required by the South Carolina Department of Environmental Control (SCDHEC) every 3 years. Please be advised that this may cause some temporary low water pressure and discolored water. We assure you that this is a necessary process to ensure the continued delivery of reliable water and fire flow protection to citizens.

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Each year, our Water Operators maintain, on average, 300 hydrants that are in our system.  Hydrant flushing has several benefits including clearing sediment from the lines, giving crews a chance to monitor our system, and ensuring high standards of water quality. You will be able to recognize our employees by a number of identifiers:

  • City of Anderson Electric City Utilities employees will be driving vehicles with the Water Utility logo
  • City of Anderson Electric City Utilities employees will be wearing uniforms with the City of Anderson logo

RESTAURANTS: Flushing should not affect restaurants around the areas we are flushing, if we think that it might affect a restaurant the City of Anderson Electric City Utilities will make every effort to notify the establishment if you experience any problems please call the Water Department at 864-231-5230.

If you have any questions or concerns about flushing or the crews in your area, please contact our Customer Service department at 864-231-5230 and they will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does water have a ‘milky’ or ‘bubbly’ appearance during flushing?
This is simply a result of the oxygen in the water being stirred up during flushing causing visible air bubbles. Letting the water sit in a glass for a few seconds will take care of the air bubbles! With this phenomenon, you will see the bubbles clear from bottom to top.

Why is my water discolored?
Flushing may result in temporary discoloration and the presence of sediment in your water. These conditions are not harmful and should last a very short duration. If noticed, avoid doing laundry during this time, especially with hot water, (while crews are on your street) to avoid discoloration. Use cold water only if you notice discoloration to keep from trapping it in your hot water heater until it clears up.  If water remains discolored or cloudy for an extended time frame contact the City of Anderson Electric City Utilities Customer Service at 864-231-5230.

Will my water pressure be affected?
Some customers may notice a slight pressure fluctuation when our crews are working on their street. Pressures will return to normal once the flushing has finished.

Is my water safe?
Even though it may not look like it, it is completely safe. While the water might look muddy in appearance it is safe if you have any concerns please contact Electric City Utilities.

Why isn’t the water captured or reused?
There are a lot of variables that make the process of capturing, collecting, and transporting the water difficult. The amount of pressure released when hydrants are flushed makes it very difficult to recapture in addition to sanitary reasons once the water leaves the pipes and is exposed to the environment.

Who pays for this water?
The cost of hydrant flushing is built into the normal cost of operations.

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