Clerk to Court Municipal Court

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SALARY $33,848

OPEN UNTIL 3/8/2019

  • The Clerk to Court will supervise Court and Collection Personnel in the day to day operations of the court system.
  • Must have extensive knowledge of the Case Management System (CMS), Jury Management System (JMS) and State Financial Reporting.
  • Candidates will be required to demonstrate their familiarity with those systems.  Under the general direction of the Court Administrator, the Clerk to Court will coordinate traffic/criminal court, jury trials, pre-trial conferences, and Preliminary Hearings.
  • Coordinates the daily administrative and clerical activities of Municipal Court; evaluates office procedures and makes a recommendation to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Schedules hearings and trials; notifies all parties of court dates and times.  Issues juror summonses; coordinates the payment of jurors and bailiffs for jury trials.  Establishes and maintains case files.
  • Collects and records fees, fines, bonds, restitution, and other payments; prepares daily deposits and related reports; issues refunds as required.
  • Prepares, processes, indexes, files and/or submits/transmits court documents and records, which may include but are not limited to court journals, indexes, rules to show cause, court calendars, tickets and citations, pleadings, judgments, jury notices, docket sheets, jury lists, motions, appeals, sentence sheets, commitments, dispositions, trial sheets, court orders, subpoenas, summonses, court rosters, warrants, warrant dismissals, etc.; prepares reports, legal notices, correspondence, etc.; ensures record security.
  • Certifies court documents.  Enters case information into computer record-keeping system; retrieves information as needed.
  • Assists defendants, attorneys, prosecutors, court personnel, law enforcement personnel, detention personnel, jurors, magistrates, and others in completing various legal forms as required for court; coordinates court activities with others as necessary.
  • Prepares for, attends and oversees all court sessions; assists judges during court as required; audio tapes court proceedings.
  • Answers the telephone; provides accurate information to callers and/or forwards calls to appropriate personnel; greets and assists office visitors.

EXPERIENCE PREPARATION: Requires high school diploma or GED equivalent supplemented by formal training, special courses or self-education that is equivalent to satisfactory completion of one year of college education or specialized advanced training in office administration, court administration, legal studies or a closely related field.

Associate’s degree is preferable.


Requires over two years and up to and including four years.


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