Director of Strategic Projects

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Director of Strategic Projects

City Manger’s Office

Expected Salary $68,000-72,000 DUQ

Open Until 6/11/2021


  • Reports to the City Manager, the candidate will pursue long-range plans and initiatives that support Anderson’s rapid growth patterns in areas including residential development, affordable and workforce housing, and cultural amenities necessary to make Anderson “the most desirable City in the region.”
  • Manage visioning and public engagement efforts for various Citywide long-range projects.
  • Visioning, public engagement, and project management for neighborhood-focused redevelopment and quality of life initiatives.
  • Work closely with City Administration to implement the City’s Strategic Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and other long-range and small area plans.
  • Advise City Council on citywide and neighborhood projects.
  • Represent the City of Anderson to various civic, professional, and neighborhood groups.
  • Work with other City staff across Divisions to develop and implement strategies necessary to make the City of Anderson “the most desirable City in the region.”

Minimum Qualifications

  • BA in Business Administration, Economic Development, or other related fields.
  • At least five years of progressively responsible experience in local government or development work.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and establish and maintain effective working relationships with other City departments, the public, developers, business owners, citizen groups and other employees.
  • Ability to prepare oral, written, and graphic reports, documents, brochures and pamphlets, maps, and related planning and economic development documentation.

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