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Perform technical engineering work to support city sponsored technical studies, capital improvement projects, and other special projects.

Conduct site plan review and site inspection.  Review project specifications and confers with engineers concerning assistance required such as plan preparation, acceptance testing, evaluation of field conditions, design changes and reporting.

Evaluate and interpret materials testing reports detailing tests conducted and results.

Prepare legal descriptions for dedications, annexations, local improvement districts, easements, or condemnations.

Research records, maps, and other data to obtain typical engineering data such as location of sewer stub outs, water mains, hydrants, etc., zoning district designations or special property assessments.

Draft detailed dimensional drawings needed for assigned projects. Assist in the preparation of engineering plans and specifications, maps, databases, and comprehensive plans.

Calculate dimensions, profile specifications and quantities of materials such as pipe, concrete, and asphalt.

Assist with the project bidding process and project management.

Inspect construction in progress and at completion to determine conformance with design specifications.

Assist in the review of private project development plans for compliance with codes, regulations, standards, adequacy of applications for permits, and compliance with approved plans.

Assist in evaluating transportation and traffic impacts of development proposals, permits, rezonings, etc.

Compile and analyze data for and prepare a variety of studies, reports and technical recommendations as required.

Receive and respond to public inquiries, requests for service and complaints in areas of responsibility.

Maintain accurate and up-to-date project records.

Assist in coordinating projects with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as other City and county departments, contractors, developers, engineers, land surveyors, architects, inspectors, and other parties as necessary.

Prepare graphics, maps, sketches and other visual materials for presentations and publication.

Use computer-aided drafting equipment and software as appropriate to complete drafting and design assignments.

Perform general and specialized office work as required, including preparing reports and correspondence, completing forms, applying for permits, entering, and retrieving computer data, copying and filing documents, reproducing plans and maps, answering the telephone, assembling materials, etc.

Attend meetings, training, seminars, etc., as necessary to maintain and enhance job knowledge and skills.

Essential Skills and Experience

Requires an associate degree, vocational technical degree or specialized training that is equivalent to satisfactory completion of two years of college education with emphasis in civil engineering, engineering technology, construction management, or a closely related field.

Must possess a valid state driver’s license.

Prefer two years of related experience.

Beneficial Skills and Experience
Proficiency in using MATLAB and/or HTML programing languages.
Proficiency in using ArcGIS, asset management software, and customer management software.

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