Fitness – Wellness Coordinator

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Salary: $35,674 DUQ

Work Schedule: Monday – Friday  8:30 -5:00; with occasional night and weekends as needed.

Job Duties

• Planning, organizing, implementing and supervising a diversified fitness/wellness program to meet the varied needs, interests, and abilities of City residents;

• Serving as the liaison for the City on community wellness programs and representing the recreation division on the City’s Wellness Program;

• Developing marketing campaigns promoting a healthy lifestyle or participation in fitness and wellness programs;

• Assisting in developing and implementing strategic plans to help the department meet the growing fitness/wellness needs of the community;

• Providing individual support or counseling in general wellness or nutrition;

• Tracking attendance, participation, or performance data related to wellness events;

• Preparing or implementing budgets and strategic, operational, purchasing, or maintenance plans;

• Maintaining or arranging for maintenance of fitness equipment or facilities;

• Conducting surveys; focus groups or other methods to determine interest in, or satisfaction with, wellness and fitness programs, events, or services;

• Teaching fitness classes to improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular condition, or general fitness of participants;

• Selecting or supervising contractors, such as event hosts or health, fitness, and wellness practitioners;

• Responding to customer, public, or media requests for information about wellness programs or services;

• Recommending or approving new program or service offerings to promote wellness and fitness, producing revenues, or minimizing costs;

• Organizing and overseeing health screenings, such as flu, mammography, blood pressure, and cholesterol screening;

• Organizing and overseeing fitness or wellness events or programs, such as information presentations, blood drives, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or first aid training, or organized runs or walks;

• Operating and instructing others in, proper operation of fitness equipment, such as weight machines, exercise bicycles, benches, hand weights, and fitness assessment devices;

• Managing or overseeing fitness or recreation facilities, ensuring safe and clean facilities and equipment;

• Maintaining wellness-and fitness-related schedules, records, or reports;

• Conducting or facilitating training sessions or seminars for wellness and fitness staff;

• Developing fitness or wellness classes, such as yoga, aerobics, and weightlifting, ensuring a diversity of class offerings;

• Supervising fitness or wellness workers, such as fitness instructors, recreation workers, nutritionists, and health educators;

• Assisting co-workers with office duties, such as fitness membership desk; assisting with program registrations and department special event activities as necessary;

• Developing or coordinate fitness and wellness programs or services.

Job Requirements

•  BS or BA in Physical Education, Exercise Science, Recreation or another related field, and 5 years fitness program experience with related certifications is required.


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