Personal Trainers / Group Fitness Instructor

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Part Time


• Leads and delivers group fitness classes based on industry standards and approved
formats that begin and end promptly, and adheres to the format, standards, and times

• Instructs participants on effective workout methods; explains proper techniques,
demonstrates exercises, identifies different muscle groups, and teaches appropriate
methods and modifications.

• Provides verbal instructions that are clear and ensure that the volume, tempo of music
and the overall atmosphere is motivational and conducive to healing, teaching, learning and
having fun.

• Coaches and motivate class participants to achieve fitness goals and continually
monitors for signs of injury, illness or overexertion.

• Interacts with participants, answers questions, introduce/orient new participants,
generates and maintains a positive exercise experience, and solicits feedback in order
to maintain long-term participation and member retention.

• Ensures all participants are using correct form during class and offers modifications and
variations of the activities to accommodate all fitness levels.

• Maintains and demonstrates a positive and professional attitude towards his/her
responsibilities, fellow associates, members, and guests.

• Represents and promotes the Recreation department in a professional manner and
adheres to appropriate fitness attire for demonstrating proper form, alignment and
movement of the body, and refrains from attire that is revealing in an inappropriate

• Consistently delivers scheduled class as posted on schedule and actively coordinate
and schedule a qualified/approved substitute Group Fitness Instructor in the event of
a necessary absence in order to avoid any cancellations.

• Provides legally purchased music appropriate for the class format, and refrain from
using music that contains foul or offensive language.

• Ensures all equipment is functioning correctly

• Maintains cleanliness and organization of the group fitness facilities by ensuring
equipment is put away and a sound system is turned off when not in use.

• Promptly notifies management of any equipment or facility repair needs.

• Prepares any incident and/or witness reports as necessary in the event of accidents.

• Accurately and consistently records hours worked and class attendance information
submitted to the fitness coordinator in a timely manner.

• Attends all required staff meetings as necessary and willingness to attend training in
order to maintain teaching skills or improve/expand current skill level.

• Uphold the company’s vision, mission, values, and code of conduct and also comply with
all City of Anderson policies and procedures.

• Performs related duties as assigned.


• Current CPR/AED certification and basic first aid training is required.

• Minimum of six months teaching in a group exercise environment along with
demonstrated knowledge of group exercise principles and safe exercise techniques.

• Maintain nationally recognized group fitness certification

• Provide verifiable proof of specialized skill/training

• Knowledge of group fitness teaching strategies and the incorporation of choreography
and safe transitional movement patterns, music, tempo, cueing technique, and rhythm.

• High degree of energy and be physically fit to have the endurance to complete the

• Demonstrated knowledge of basic physiology, human anatomy, kinesiology, body
mechanics, and training principles.

• Demonstrated engaging and motivational leadership with adaptability at the front of a
class to effectively engage participants and achieve a great member experience.

• Positive and effective interpersonal communication skills.

• High degree of professionalism with the ability to motivate others.


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