• Fill out an application for the specific permit type.
  • Provide a copy of your City of Anderson business license as well as your State of South Carolina contractor’s license. (Unless you are the homeowner)
  • If new residential construction or addition over 500 square feet, provide a set of blueprint drawings for review. The plan review process takes 24 hours. The cost of the plan review is $25.00.
  • If commercial construction, provide blueprint drawings sealed by a licensed architect. Three sets (Two paper and one electronic copy) are required for all new construction and also for renovations or up-fits. Turn around time for plan review is given on a per project basis. The cost of the plan review is half the cost of the building permit for that project.
  • All permits that do not require plans can usually be obtained on the same day.
  • All permits (with the exception of garage sales) require inspections by the Building and Codes Department. Inspectors usually require a 24-hour notice for all inspections. To request an inspection, please call (864) 231-2219.
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