401 South Main Street
Anderson, SC 29624
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Summary of Responsibilities

  • Provide departmental administrative and support services.
  • Distribute financial statements monthly to Division Heads.
  • Prepare Comprehensive Annual Finance Report annually.
  • Prepare annual budget for the City.
  • Prepare a Capital Improvement Plan for the City.
  • Distribute and print purchase orders.
  • Maintain City Ordinances and City Council Minutes.
  • Process payroll and prints payroll checks.
  • Enter check requisitions and responsible for the City’s accounts payable.
  • Collect and record revenue.
  • Manage the City’s cash flow and investments.
  • Maintain usable data processing equipment.
  • Account for all fixed assets of the City.
  • Keep the City’s accounting system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Business Affairs

The Business Affairs Department’s primary functions are the development and administration of the City’s support services such as personnel, insurance, budget review and accounts payable. The Business Affairs Department provides assistance and support to the City Manager, Division Heads, and Department Heads in carrying out policies and procedures to the above services.

  • Monitors employee accidents and injury frequencies while working with third party administrators to increase safety awareness, reducing both the number and seriousness of employee injuries while assuring that any employee involved in an on-the-job accident received proper, cost effective treatment.
  • Reviews the employee handbook to insure that all employee policies and regulations are in strict compliance with the latest local, state and federal court rulings regarding labor law.
  • Coordinates and sets up the City’s first individual employer/employee Health Fair to promote wellness and provide several hundred dollars worth of preventative health screenings to all employees at no cost to the employee. Free Flu vaccinations were also provided at the Health Fair to those employees requesting them.


  • Takes applications for employment.
  • Processes new hires.
  • Assists employees with personal and work-related problems.
  • Conducts employee insurance enrollment.
  • Distributes payroll related information.
  • Creates employee ID badges.
  • Provides information on vacation and sick days.
  • Provides worker’s compensation information.
  • Conducts supervisory training.
  • Performs random drug and alcohol testing.
  • Offers safe driver training for employees.


The Purchasing Department’s primary function is to oversee the administration of the City’s Procurement Code. The Purchasing Department provides assistance and support to all of the City’s Divisions and Departments in carrying out the procedures related to purchasing.

  • Administers the Purchasing Card Program. Works with the Division Heads in issuing purchasing cards, setting the MCC codes for allowable purchases, and setting the purchasing limits. Reviews all receipts of purchases in order for prompt payment.
  • Issues and prints large Purchase Orders. Reviews requisitions to ensure that the rules and regulations of the procurement code are carried out and reviews for accuracy before printing the purchase orders.
  • Maintains a log of all purchase orders (large and small), requisitions and check requisitions issued to various departments.