Summary of Responsibilities

  • Provides departmental administrative and support services.
  • Distributes financial statements monthly to Division Heads.
  • Prepares Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.
  • Prepares annual budget for the City.
  • Prepares a Capital Improvement Plan for the City.
  • Maintains City Ordinances and City Council Minutes.
  • Processes payroll and prints payroll checks.
  • Enters check requisitions and are responsible for the City’s accounts payable.
  • Collects and records revenue.
  • Manages the City’s cash flow and investments.
  • Maintains usable data processing equipment.
  • Accounts for all fixed assets of the City.
  • Keeps the City’s accounting system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.


The Purchasing Department’s primary function is to oversee the administration of the City’s Procurement Code. The Purchasing Department provides assistance and support to all of the City’s Divisions and Departments in carrying out the procedures related to purchasing.

  • Administers the Purchasing Card Program. Works with the Division Heads in issuing purchasing cards, setting the MCC codes for allowable purchases, and setting the purchasing limits. Reviews all receipts of purchases in order for prompt payment.
  • Issues and prints large Purchase Orders. Reviews requisitions to ensure that the rules and regulations of the procurement code are carried out and reviews for accuracy before printing the purchase orders.
  • Maintains a log of all purchase orders (large and small), requisitions and check requisitions issued to various departments.
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