APRIL 26-27, 2024!

Event Information

The Soiree is set to make its return in 2024 – a renowned arts festival that illumated downtown Anderson’s streets from 1985 to 2009.

During that period, the Soiree established itself as one of the region’s pioneer and premier arts festivals. In 2022, the Soiree made a triumphant comeback, marking its return for the first time in 13 years and reigniting the vibrant spirit of the arts festival.

Presented by the City of Anderson and driven by the community, this two-day cultural extravaganza promises to captivate audiences both near and far. Attendees can enjoy live performances across multiple stages, explore and purchase original handcrafted works from talented artists, and savor delicious dishes crafted by some of Anderson’s finest chefs. The event caters to the entire family, with a special children’s area, Kid’s Kingdom, with creative activities for children.

The Soiree is coordinated by the City of Anderson, with valuable support from dedicated community volunteers.  


Experience a culinary adventure at the Soiree! Local resturants and food vendors offer an array of flavors, from community-inspired dishes to international cuisines. Don’t miss out on exclusive event-only creations and seasonal ingredients that elevate the dining experience. 

This is a chance to explore new tastes, connect with local culinary talent, and enjoy a variety of foods that celebrate both familiar favorites and unique treats.



Immerse yourself in a rich musical tapestry. With a diverse lineup spanning various styles and genres, the event promises a great experience for all music enthusiasts. Multiple stages, including the prominent main stage in Carolina Wren Park, offer a dynamic platform for artists to showcase their talents.

With lively performances by local bands from all around the upstate, the music at the Soiree resonates with a broad spectrum of tastes. Whether you’re drawn to rock, jazz, folk, or contemporary hits, the event’s multifaceted musical offerings ensure that every attendee finds their groove.

large stage music playing

Kids Area

The downtown soiree event in Anderson, SC boasts an engaging kids play area that adds an extra layer of excitement to the festivities. This dedicated space is thoughtfully designed to cater to the youngest attendees, offering a plethora of interactive games, creative crafts, and captivating activities. 

Parents can find comfort in knowing that their children are in a safe environment, managed by trained staff who ensure that the little ones have a memorable and enjoyable experience. 

From imaginative play to games of skill, the kids play area provides a well-rounded entertainment option for families attending the event. Its lively atmosphere and diverse range of activities contribute to making the downtown soiree a truly inclusive and family-friendly affair, where everyone can partake in the celebration.


The downtown soiree event in Anderson, SC is elevated by a captivating array of art vendors that enrich the atmosphere with creativity and craftsmanship. 

These talented vendors showcase a diverse selection of artworks, ranging from paintings and sculptures to handmade crafts and unique artisanal goods. Attendees have the opportunity to explore and engage with these artists, fostering a dynamic environment where artistic expression and appreciation converge. 

Whether seeking a one-of-a-kind piece for their homes or simply reveling in the beauty of artistic endeavors, visitors to the event are sure to find inspiration and delight among the curated offerings of the art vendors.

lady painting at soiree

Soiree Committee

  • Chair: Caroline Gaddis
  • Vice Chair: Lauren Lindsay
  • Visual Arts: Erin Spainhour & Britton Rodgers
  • Performing Arts: Van James
  • Culinary Arts: Nick Taaffe & Francesca Milford
  • Kid’s Kingdom: Kelly Boerner
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Liz Brock
  • Site Logistics: Donnie Whelchel
  • Secretary: Sara Wright
  • City Liaison: Brittney Gamble
  • County Liaison: Seth Riddley
  • District 5 Liaison: Brooke Cole

I want to participate!

Exciting news for bands, artists and food truck owners! Applications are now open for this year’s downtown soiree event in Anderson, SC. If you’re a talented musician, artist or own a food truck that offers delectable eats, seize this opportunity to be part of the vibrant festivities. Join us in creating an unforgettable experience for attendees by showcasing your musical prowess, passion for art or flex those culinary muscles.

All applications are closed for the 2024 Soiree. Visual, Performing, and Culinary Arts applications will open for the 2025 Soiree in August 2024.  Be on the look out!


  • No BYOB or coolers
  • No animals or pets, except service animals, are allowed in the festival area 
  • No political solicitation
  • Children must always have responsible adult supervision
  • No tobacco products – E-cigarettes, vaping
  • Skateboards, bicycles, and rollerblades are prohibited
  • Do not leave bags unattended
  • No unmanned aircrafts or drones
  • Anyone 21+ consuming alcohol outside during the Soiree must be within the festival site and must first purchase a wristband from a City of Anderson Wristband Tent (located on North Main St. near Growler Haus, the Courthouse Square, Carolina Wren Park, South Main, and North Main Commons).
  • No BYOB or coolers
  • Persons must be twenty-one (21) years of age to purchase/consume alcohol in accordance with state law Beer and/or wine can be purchased and taken outside in the defined festival area (signs will denote where alcohol cannot go past.
  • No glass containers or bottles outside. Venues will provide you with plastic cups.
  • Beer/wine in open containers can be possessed in the defined Soiree area Friday, April 26, 2024 from 4pm-8pm and Saturday, April 27, 2024 from 10am-8pm.
  • No liquor outside. You are responsible for what is in your cup.
  • To consume and possess beer/wine outside, patrons must purchase wristband. The wristband price is $5/1 day. The wristbands are good for 1 day only. Everyone obtaining a wristband must be present with a valid ID. Please note that even if you are in possession of a wristband, you are still subject to be identified with a valid ID when purchasing beer/wine.
  • No concealable weapons

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