Municipal Business Center
601 S. Main Street
Anderson, SC 29624
Telephone: (864) 231-2213
Fax: (864) 222-6683

For your convenience, the annual business license fee may be paid online at . Please note that this is a third party site and they charge a convenience fee.

The Municipal Business Center enables customers to get a business license and permit and water and sewer taps in one place.

Business License Requirements
The City of Anderson Business License Ordinance requires that anyone who operates a business inside the City must obtain a business license. The city ordinance also requires that anyone who has a business located outside of city limits, but conducts business within the City, must obtain a business license.

Obtaining a Business License
Resident businesses (a fixed place of business located within the city on which personal or real property taxes are paid to The City) must first obtain a required occupancy permit from the Building Inspection Department. A home-based business must obtain an occupancy permit called a “home occupancy permit”. For more information on occupancy permits, please contact the Building Inspection Department. This office is also located at 601 S. Main St. and the phone number is (864) 231-2217. Once all permits are obtained, a business must then obtain a business license from the Business License Office before transacting any business.

Non-resident businesses (a business with no established and fixed place of business within the City on which personal or real property taxes are paid to the City) must apply for their business license at the Business License Office before transacting any business.


The business license year runs from May 1st – April 30th.

Exception: The license that is issued to a contractor will permit the contractor to complete the job(s) for which the original license was issued even though work is continued after December 31 of any year. This exception applies only to out-of-town contractors.


Each business will be placed in a category as outlined in the “Classification and Rate” section of the Business License Ordinance. Once a business classification has been determined, the business license fee will be computed on the gross revenues of the business. Fees for a resident business will be computed on total gross revenues regardless of where the work was performed, except that license fees paid to another city for work performed in that city can be deducted. The fee required for a new resident business is based upon an estimate of total gross receipts from the date the business is opened to December 31 of that same year. Non-resident business license fees are based upon revenues earned or contracts secured within the City. Non-resident fees are not prorated.

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