Linley Park Improvements

Playground Upgrade

Your wish is our command! We took a surprisingly novel approach to designing a new playground for Linley Park—ask kids what their ideal playground would be! The new playground will include state of the art equipment for all abilities and ages, rubberized surfacing, and integrated shade.

Mobility Improvements

In any park design, it’s important to ensure that pedestrians and vehicle traffic can safely coexist. A peanut-shaped round-a-bout—a peanut-a-bout!—will help to solve the troublesome multi-leg intersection of Glenwood Avenue, North Avenue, Club Drive, Watson Avenue, and Blair Street, while also allowing the extension of the Whitner Creek Greenway. Signalized pedestrian crosswalks will allow safe access into Linley Park from various points throughout the neighborhood.

New Pavilion & Restrooms

The central hub of Linley Park will include a new 1,200-square foot pavilion and two new restroom buildings, as well as a bicycle chain sculptural bench adjacent to the Whitner Creek Greenway. Conveniently located parking will allow easy access to key park amenities.

Stream Restoration

An important component of the project is the restoration of 1,400 feet of Whitner Creek that flows through the park. Removing the concrete channel and returning the stream to its natural state will not only provide an ecological benefit to the area, but will also allow Whitner Creek to more effectively handle stormwater within the watershed. Educational signage will be added throughout the park to explain the many important reasons for and benefits of restoring a stream.


The $13.4 million project is funded by a mix of federal grants and reinvestment of our community’s Hospitality Tax.


The project is scheduled to be substantially complete by Spring 2025.

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