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Frequently requested Information

You will need two (2) forms of identification for each adult that will be living at the residence:

  1. Must have a photo ID:
    • Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • State issued photo ID card
  2. The second form of identification can be one of the following:
    • Social Security Card
    • Any legal or government ID such as a tax return, Medicare/Medicaid card
    • Current paycheck stub
    • Employment I.D. card or badge (can only be used as 1 form of identification)
  • You must have a copy of your lease/rental agreement or a copy of your closing papers.
  • Any and/or all outstanding debts with Electric City Utilities must be paid in full prior to applying for a new service.
  • In order for properties located outside the City limits to receive access to water and/or sewer service, the owner(s) of the property must sign an agreement placing a restrictive covenant on the property.
  • A security deposit securing timely payment of monthly charges may be required for new customer accounts.
  • Deposit amounts are $60.00 for inside city customers and $100.00 for outside city customers.
  • The account must be listed in the name of the lessee or owner of the property.
  • Billing is once per month for water and/or sewer. Payment in full is due within 15 calendar days from the mailing date of the bill. After this date, the account is considered delinquent and a 10 percent late charge will be added.
  • Your bill reflects water usage by cubic feet. One unit of water is equal to 100 cubic feet (748 gallons).

Payments may be made as follows:

  • Online Bill Pay
  • Telephone Payment: 1-844-323-4109
  • Mail remitted to Electric City Utilities, City of Anderson, PO Box 100146, Columbia, SC 29202-3146
  • Bank Draft upon completion of bank draft application with Electric City utility office.
  • You may select this option on the back of your remittance stub or visit the 601 S Main Street office. Bank Draft Application (PDF). Dropbox located at the back of the Municipal Business Center at 601 S Main St.
  • Payment in full is recommended. Partial payments on past due balances do not guarantee service will not be disconnected.

Water Tap Fees Residential/Commercial Charges for Water Meter Installation

Meter Size Fee
3/4 inch $1,500.00
1-inch and Larger Cost + 25%

Sewer Tap Fees

Type Fee
Residential $2,000.00
Commercial Based on Use – Call for Fees*

Water / Sewer Capacity Fees

Type Fee
Residential $1,500.00 – water / $1500.00 – sewer
Commercial Based on Use – Call for Fees*

Additional Fees

Description Fee
All street cuts $230.00
Additional County road cut fees $190.00
Sewer road bore At Cost

All Fees are Draft pending review of plans

Please contact us at 864-260-6347 if you need further information.

The City does not use ceiling months for adjustments to its sewer charges due to excess watering during the summer months. The City encourages residents who are on city sewer to apply for an irrigation meter for their watering, filling up of pool, etc. The cost for the installation of an irrigation meter is as follows:

  • Surface Water Only (Tee-off) – $200
  • In-ground system – $1,500 (3/4”) 1” cost + 25%.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Is there a fee to use your credit card and pay on‐ line?
There is not a fee to use your credit card and pay on‐line.

2. Where to do you go to pay – on line?
Customers may pay their bill on line by clicking on the “Pay your bill online” link on the website.

3. Do I have to log in to pay my utility bill?
Yes, you will need your account number and the PIN # located at the top of your bill to pay online.

4. I do not want to pay my bill online, but I would like to see my usage history. Is this possible?
Yes, you will need your account number and the PIN # to view your account history online.

5. What if my bill is past due, can I still pay online?
Yes. If you choose to pay a delinquent bill online, please allow 24 hours for processing.

6. What if my bill has already been disconnected, can I still pay online?
If you have been disconnected, please call our office at 260‐6347 ext 1439, during regular business hours, to have your service reconnected. If you choose to pay a disconnected bill online, please allow 24 hours for processing.

7. How can I tell if my bill is past due?
All bills have a set bill date with a corresponding set due date. Based on your bill date, you can see the due date below. The due date is also reflected on your paper bill.

Set Bill Date Set Due Date
Billed 7th due 26th
Billed 14th due 3rd
Billed 21st due 10th
Billed 28th due 17th

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