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110 North Kitchen + Commissary is a licensed commercial kitchen that provides a pathway for food entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. 

The ultimate mission and purpose of our city’s shared kitchen is for local business entrepreneurs to be able to operate in compliance without the financial burdens of high overhead costs; a commissary kitchen for food-truck operators who need a home base; food preservation, storage, packaging and distribution space for area agribusinesses and retail-driven producers; a liaison network to bridge the gap for area farmers and local retailers/restaurants; business education programs to educate entrepreneurs workforce development to train those in the hospitality and service industry; programming opportunities for local groups, schools and non-profits within the community of Anderson.

The Kitchen

(1) Vitamix commercial blender
(1) flat top grill
(1) Standard grill
(1) 6-burner range + oven combo
(2) convection ovens
(1) fryer(requires admin approval)
(1) Convotherm combi oven
(2) turbo air refrigerator
(1) Globe food mixer (20qt)
(1) juicer
(1) turbo freezer
(1) Winston hot holder
(1) 2-compartment sink
Main Kitchen includes:
(1) Empire dough sheeter

(1) Vitamix commercial blender
(1) Globe food mixer (30 qt.)
(1) Globe food mixer (80 qt.)
(1) convection oven
(1) 6-burner range + oven combo
(1) Cleveland tilt kettle (60 gal.)
(1) Cleveland braising pan (40 gal.)
(1) 10″ immersion blender
(1) 2-compartment sink
(1) turbo air refrigerator
Baker’s Kitchen includes:
(5) rolling prep tables
(5) overhead shelves
(1) 2-compartment sink
Packaging room includes:
(1) 3-compartment sanitation sink
(1) industrial dishwashing machine
Dry/wet shelving and racks
Dishwashing room includes:


Initial Fees

Each intended user is required to book a tour and consultation (free of charge) with our kitchen manager prior to booking. Appointment only.

Once approved, you can schedule
orientation which provides one on one equipment, safety, and sanitation

Initial Booking Fee ………………..$100

Kitchen Fees

*Per kitchen production area. Only one food business will be able to rent a single kitchen at a time.

1st 1-35 hours ……………….$20/hr
36th-80th hours ……………$18/hr
80+ hours…………………….$15/hr

Inclusive Amenities

  • A three-compartment sink sanitation system
  • pH strips for water testing
  • Cleaning solution/supplies
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Rags + weekly rag laundering
  • Paper towels + hand soap

Packaging Room

Each kitchen user will have access to our packaging room free of charge as a complimentary amenity for use while on-site during rental hours. With this, users are
expected to sign in and out of the packaging room as they would their own kitchen space.

The packaging space may be used by multiple users at once. With this, we ask you to be courteous and clean while working alongside your

Room only Rentals

To rent the kitchen for educational or demo
purposes only, please contact our Kitchen Manager




Storage Rentals

Storage Rental Fees
*Due to limited quantities, storage is available
on a first come first serve basis.

72 in. Walk-in Cooler Rack. We suggest purchasing bins to place on shelves that are lockable as these are open shelves. ……..$55/month

5x4x2 ft Dry Shelving Rack for small wares and nonperishable food products or ingredients. ……..$45/month

Success Stories

Kitchen Resources

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To continue to provide the critical functions of state government while protecting the health and safety of our employees and the public, we have modified and streamlined our processes. Applications and fees are now being handled remotely.

To file a Retail Food Establishment application, download and complete an Application & Permit Document (DHEC 1769) and email it to your local Public Health Food Safety Office. Once your application has been received, office personnel will contact you to confirm receipt of your application and to discuss payment options for fees. Please note: We do not accept cash payments. If you have any questions, please call your local Public Health Food Safety Office for assistance. Visit Permit Central to determine if other permits are needed.

More Information: https://scdhec.gov/food-safety/retail-food-establishment-inquiries

SCDA Guidelines for Food Processors:

  • If your product is sold retail only, call DHEC Food Protection – 803-896-0640
  • If your product contains more than 3% raw or 2% cooked Beef, Pork, Chicken or Lamb, call SC Meat & Poultry Inspection Service – 803-788-8747.
  • If your product is a Dairy, Soft Drink or Bottled Water Product, call DHEC Dairy – 803-896-0644.
  • If your product is a Shellfish product only, call DHEC Shellfish – 843-846-1030.
  • If your product is an alcoholic product, call ATF – 202-453-2265
    All other products, call South Carolina Department of Agriculture – 803-737-0147.

Read the Complete guidelines here: https://agriculture.sc.gov/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Food-Processor-Guidelines-CPD-4031.pdf

All units, pushcarts, and commissaries must complete DHEC Form
1769: Application & Permit Document AND submit applicable retail food establishment fees.

Information here: https://scdhec.gov/sites/default/files/Library/CR-012708.pdf

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