The Fleet Services Department’s primary functions are to perform preventive maintenance inspections, scheduled maintenance, affect routine and emergency repairs on all vehicles and power equipment owned by the city and to ensure that they are kept in the best possible mechanical condition at all times at the lowest possible cost.

  • Maintenance of City Vehicles
  • Impound Yard (Link)
  • Outfits Patrol vehicles with blue lights, sirens, cages, gunlocks, switches, two-way radios and all emblems, numerals and decals
  • Keeps records on all repairs made through work orders and file by department and vehicle number
  • Purchases all repair parts and stock many frequently used items
  • Operates refueling station for all vehicles and equipment (except certain Fire Department equipment)
  • Organizes and supports public auctions, to dispose of excess vehicles and equipment if necessary
  • Coordinates all out-of-house repairs with various vendors
  • Impounds vehicles for the Police Department and handles the release of these vehicles to the rightful owners, etc
  • Acts as the Procurement Officer for all new vehicles and equipment purchased by the City of Anderson as needed
  • Fabricates various items and performs all welding support for all city departments
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