The City of Anderson now strictly enforces several policies regarding nuisance abatement within the City limits of Anderson. These policies pertain to:

  • Excessive weeds and grass
  • Excessive debris and other materials in yards
  • Substandard and dilapidated housing
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Any Other related violations of City ordinances

*The City is currently offering an incentive program for citizens who own an abandoned car or cars located within the City limits. If the citizen would like to donate the car(s) to the City, we will have the car(s) towed away at our expense and pay the owner $25.00 per car. The car is then towed to a local salvage yard, crushed, and sold for scrap metal. This money is used to reimburse the City for towing expenses, labor, and other costs incurred. To take advantage of this program, please call our office.

If you or someone you know would like To report any violations, please click on the “Request Service” button on the home page or call our office at (864) 231-2217 to file a complaint. Below is the procedure for enforcement of the nuisance ordinance. Once a complaint has been filed, the procedure for compliance may involve the following steps: the entire complaint process takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Nuisance Ordinances

  • Courtesy Summons
  • When there is a violation, Building Department official shall serve a Courtesy Summons is issued to upon the owner, tenant or person in charge. If the violation is corrected within 14 days, the case is closed.
  • Uniform Ordinance Summons If unable to serve personally, post a copy of the summons on the property and mail a copy to the listed owner on tax records. Use regular mail and prepare an affidavit stating the date Courtesy Summons was mailed.
  • Uniform Ordinance Summons
  • If the owner fails to appear as required by the Courtesy Summons and/or fails to abate the nuisance within the 14 days allowed, a Uniform Ordinance Summons shall be issued by the Building Department against the person named in the Courtesy Summons. A court hearing will be scheduled.
  • Depending upon the method of service, the hearing shall be set for a date at least 10 days after the date of anticipated service.
  • In cases involving owners that cannot be located for personal service and owners that live outside the city limits, service shall be attempted by sending certified mail, restricted delivery, return receipt requested (hearings in this instance should be set at least 30 days off).
  • If planning to have numerous owners served and tried on same day, ask for assistance from Police Department and coordinate a trial date with Penny in Judge Mattison’s Office.
  • If owners are known to be difficult or possibly dangerous ask the Police Department to serve.
  • Court Hearing
  • Present affidavit of service or affidavit of mailing of Courtesy Summons.
  • Present affidavit of service or signed acceptance of Uniform Summons.
  • Present documentary evidence: Pictures, a log of hours involved in particular enforcement including a request for restitution, if any.
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