August 30, 2018

For immediate release:


ANDERSON, SC – WestPoint Home LLC, a leading American-based bed and bath home fashions producer, will relocate its hospitality and support service offices from Clemson, SC to the City of Anderson in January 2019.

“In 2013, WestPoint Home celebrated 200 years of its heritage as a home fashion pioneer. Throughout the past 200 years, WestPoint Home and the companies that represent our heritage have been leaders in the innovation, sale and (of course) fashion of home textiles, experimenting with new fabrics to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs,” said Jonathan Witmer, WestPoint Home CEO.  “WestPoint Home sells products under licensed brands and its own legendary brands including Vellux®, Martex®, Utica®, Luxor®, Patrician®, Grand Patrician®, and Modern Living®.”

Located at 201 North Main Street, property owner and real-estate developer, John Wright, Jr. of McCoy Wright Realty, Inc. in Anderson, will construct the upfit of the second and third levels of the multi-story building to accommodate the company’s operation.

“I truly believe that 10-20 years from now we will look back and realize that this project is what took downtown Anderson to the next level.  201 North Main is a flagship property in our downtown that has been sitting vacant far too long, and I’m excited to bring it back to life and see the impact that it’s going to have on economic development.” Wright said.

Anderson will be home to one of WestPoint’s six office locations including New York, Chipley, Bahrain, Shanghai, and Dubai.

“Attracting the hospitality and support services arms of WestPoint Home to move to our downtown is yet another milestone for us in our economic development efforts,” said Terence Roberts, Mayor of the City of Anderson. “We thank John Wright, Jr. and his team for working with us and the WestPoint folks to make this happen. The influx of new people to downtown on a daily basis will be beneficial to all of us. And given our City’s rich textile history, to WestPoint we say: welcome home.”

Developers have outlined a timetable stating that construction will begin immediately in order for the relocation process to be complete by the end of 2018.

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