• The Anderson Area Transportation Study was begun in February 1972 by cooperative agreements between the local governments and the State Highway Department. The studies and techniques used in ANATS are consistent with those prescribed by the Federal Highway Administration and used by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) in other transportation studies throughout the state. Most data gathering occurred during 1972 and 1973. The recommended street and highway plan was presented in final form at a public meeting on November 17, 1975. The plan was subsequently adopted in concept by all participating agencies. An update of this plan was completed in 1998 with the target year being 2020. This plan has been completed with all elements of TEA-21 considered. Agreements were signed by the local governments and the Highway Department on January 15, 1976, for the implementation of the ANATS plan. A Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) was developed and adopted by the ANATS Policy Committee. Several projects have been completed from the original TIP. The ANATS Policy Committee meets periodically to review the TIP and update the Committee as to the status of various projects. In November of 1992, the ANATS Policy Committee voted to make the City of Anderson the designated Metropolitan Planning Agency for the Anderson Area Transportation Study. The contract between the City and the SCDOT was executed in March 1993.
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