The Building and Codes Department has a primary mission to provide a broad range of public services while protecting the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens in the City of Anderson: through the Administration and Enforcement of building zoning, fire, and other applicable adopted laws, codes, and ordinances. These services range from the development of commercial and residential uses, through the review of plans which entails design decisions regarding structural compliance, with the standard building, mechanical, plumbing, gas fire energy, and national electrical codes; promotion of better living conditions through enforcement of zoning and land use regulations; eliminate blighted conditions through enforcement of nuisance abatement code: To protect and guard against possible disasters by regulating development in floodplain areas. To enforce national and state standards while removing barriers for the handicapped and to provide assistance and support to all departments within city and county governments.

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The City of Anderson provides a streamlined permitting and inspections process through its online permitting service, ViewPoint Cloud, and updates to the inspection process The new online system will eliminate the need for their current paper system and make things like writing permits or ordinance violations much easier.

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  • · Issuance of the building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and other permits relevant to work being performed within the City
  • · Assessment and review of all plans reviews for new construction within the City
  • · Enforcement of city ordinances, building codes and the property maintenance code nuisance abatement code, property maintenance code, zoning regulations, and international codes
  • · Promotion of better living conditions by upholding a strict policy for regulations relating to substandard or dilapidated housing
  • · Continue to provide exceptional public service through extensive staff training and testing

Permit Information
Permits are required for all new construction, repairs, renovations, etc. Contractors must have a state license or SC homebuilders license and city business license from the Business License Department. Always get three bids from qualified and certified contractors before awarding any contract. Never pay a contractor before the job is completed and inspected by the Building and Codes Department.

Rehabilitation Program
All participants in the City’s Rehabilitation Program should be aware that the department has developed and implemented the final rule concerning the Requirements for Notification, Evaluation and Reduction of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Federally-Owned Residential Property and Housing receiving federal assistance, which became effective September 15, 2000.

The City’s Implementation Plan was approved by HUD on November 22, 2000. The Implementation Plan will pertain to any renovation work performed on pre-1978 homes. All homes receiving federal funding will have a lead-based paint risk assessment performed by a certified risk assessor before any rehabilitation and/or renovation work is done. Assessment includes dust samples on floors, windows and XRF paint sampling is performed. Interviews will be conducted with homeowners and findings, compliance notification provided for the homeowner’s review.

Removal or abatement of lead paint is a major concern for small children. Following abatement, obtaining a clearance inspection is required before the owner will be allowed to reoccupy the dwelling.